Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm listening to FL Senate judiciary committee meeting today. Even though I am in Maine I have a very vested interest in what is happening in FL today. One of the bills being considered today is a 50/50 shared custody and alimony bill.

Sen Tom Lee's bill SB 250 is part of a wider reaching Alimony Reform movement.
I am more than interested in that bill making it through the Judiciary meeting so that it can eventually make it to the Senate floor to be voted into law.

But in this exact moment I am in amazement at how much time and energy is wasted in these committee meetings. Guess I need to watch more of these meetings to fully understand how slow the wheels of our government turn. Over an hour being spent on a religious bill to protect clergy from performing marriages that go against their religious beliefs mostly in regards to Gay marriage. Pretty sure there is already enough support to pass it but they are still rehashing it.

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